We take pride in our personal attention to the needs of each pet and strive to make your pet’s stay with us a positive and stress free experience. In order to accomplish the daily functions of operating a boarding kennel, we have certain requirements. We do not have employees, when you meet us, you are meeting the people taking care of your pet.
For the safety of all pets and all people, your dog must be leashed and under control. If you forget a leash, please come inside and get one before letting your dog out of the car.

We will not accept dogs that are aggressive toward people.

No one under 18 years of age is permitted inside kennel area.

If you know ahead of time you will be changing the date you reserve for pickup or will be changing the number of dogs you will be bringing in to board please let us know right away and not wait until you arrive at the kennel of to inform us of the change.

If your pet has a medical condition or new medical situation, we need to be advised of it prior to your arrival for boarding.

If your dog has chronic messes inside or is what we affectionately refer to as a "finger painter," we will wash or partially wash (legs and underbelly) your pet before going home and add the bathing charge to your bill even though you may not have requested a bath. Please understand, you'll only be charged for one bath or partial bath, not each time we've been bathing your pet during their stay.

Please read and ask any questions prior to boarding.

The following vaccinations are required to board your pets, and proof of current vaccinations must be shown. We CANNOT accept your pet into the kennel without proper proof. Please DO NOT assume because you get yearly boosters you have all of the vaccinations we require.

Dogs - Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza (H3N8/H3N2 Series)

Cats - Rabies and Feline Distemper

Puppies must be
10 DAYS PAST THEIR FINAL ROUND of distemper/parvo vaccination before we will accept them for boarding.

We DO NOT accept owner-administered vaccinations.

We do not charge extra for special diets. We realize you may wish to keep your pet on their regular diet and you're welcome to bring your pet's food. If you choose to bring your pet’s food, the container must be clearly marked or labeled with the dog’s name, otherwise we will not know who it belongs to and we will feed our food. Feeding instructions on the container is helpful. Make sure to advise us if you have brought food that requires refrigeration.

Please only bring enough food to cover your pet’s stay and two days extra in the event your return is delayed.
Do not bring anything breakable such as, glass cups for measuring food or ceramic dishes.

We prefer to use our own food bowls but will use your UNBREAKABLE dishes if you insist. However, the dishes you bring must be washed and clean before we will use them.

We have 48 indoor/outdoor runs, which are heated and air-conditioned. The inside kennels range in size from 3 x 5 to 5 x 5. The attached outside runs are all 16’ in length.

The outside runs are completely covered to provide shade and protection from inclement weather. We allow unlimited daytime access to the outside runs if weather permits. All doors are closed during the night.

While most of our pets relieve themsleves in the outside runs, there are a few that will not go on the concrete. These pets will be given regular potty breaks in one of our fenced play yards. We do not consider this a special service and you are not charged an additional fee.

Each guest has their own individual indoor/outdoor run, divided by solid block walls to provide sanitary conditions and the comfort of security from their neighbor. We also provide a raised sleeping platform to keep your dog off the floor, yet allows for air circulation underneath.

A 6-foot perimeter fence surrounds the entire kennel area. For additional security, we are equipped with emergency generators for each kennel in the event of a power failure.

Our feline guests enjoy the privacy of a separate cattery away from the kennel area. You may choose from a spacious 5 x 3 habitat, or a 4 x 3 active cat habitat.

We provide a cat bed, food and water dishes, litter box, and litter.

Each cat is allowed play and exercise time out of their habitats daily as long as your cat is friendly towards other cats and will allow us to handle them. If your cat has a particular toy or favorite bedding, please bring it along.

The cattery has cat trees, numerous toys, a window with a view into our back yard, and a full glass door for your cat’s bird and squirrel watching pleasure.

We can not accept un-neutered males or cats that are FeLeuk or AIDS positive.


You are welcome to bring your pet’s toys or a blanket, that will make their stay with us a happy and comfortable visit. If you insist on bringing a bed that we cannot wash in our machine, it will go home in whatever condition it's in at the end of your pet's stay.

Although we make every effort to keep track of your pet’s belongings, we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items. When picking up your pet, please double check your items and make sure you have everything. Any belongings left at the kennel will be kept for a period of one month. After that time, we dispose of them.


We provide treats, at no additional charge, which are given twice daily to our guests. If you wish to bring your pet’s favorite, please feel free to send it along. We do not accept pig ears, cow hoofs, smoked or raw bones as treats, so please leave these at home.


If your pet is on medication, we will be happy to give it as prescribed at no additional charge. Along with the medicine, please send pill pockets, cheese, hot dogs, marshmallows, whatever treat we can hide the pill in because we will not put our hands in your dog's mouth to force a pill. It is extremely important that any medication be properly labeled with the pet's name, the correct dosage, and what the medication is.

We do not accept insulin dependent pets.

To save time, you can download our contracts to fill out at your convenience.  This will only need to be filled out for your first visit with us and we will keep this on file.  Bring the completed contract with you along with a copy of your pet’s vaccination records.

Download the dog form here.
Download the cat form here.

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